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Storage Tips

With good preparation, you can pack smartly and store your items in good shape. The following storage tips will be useful when you pack and store:

  • Always pack heavy weight items in small boxes and light weight items in large boxes.
  • Books are examples of heavy weight items that you should pack flat in small boxes
  • You can use your refrigerator or freezer to store clothing items such as blankets and draperies.
  • All items with engines such as your lawn movers should be completely drained of gasoline and oil.
  • It is advisable to wrap your dishes and your glass wares individually and use bubble wraps to protect them in the box.
  • Do not over fill the boxes so as not to damage the box or your items.
  • When storing your photographs or albums, store them in a climate controlled location to avoid heat damage.
  • Be careful with mirrors and screens. It is advisable to use strong cardboards or mirror packages for added protection.
  • Create some room between the walls and your items especially if you live in a highly humid environment. Doing so will provide good ventilation for your items.
  • For furniture, it is wise to disassemble them for extra storage space if needed.
  • Label your boxes for clothes and other items but avoid labeling your boxes that contain very expensive items.

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